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Every year there are reoccurring questions from competition entrants. After listening to feedback, we hope this FAQ page helps to ensure your clarity on what is expected in an entry for the Clarion Awards competition. If you do not see the answer to your question here, or need additional details, do not hesitate to contact the AWC national office at (417) 886-8606 or at  


Q: Must I be an AWC member to enter?

A: No, the competition is open to all: women, men, individuals, organizations, AWC members, non-members, and students!


Q: When is the deadline?

A: The early-bird deadline is Monday, February 26, 2018. The final deadline is Monday, April 9, 2018.


Q: What is the entry rate or fee?

A: The following are the rates per entry:


Early-bird rate

$70 for AWC members, $30 for student members

$90 for non-members, $45 for student non-members


Regular rate

$85 for AWC members, $30 for student members

$120 for non-members, $45 for student non-members


Multiple entries (All entries must be submitted at the same time.)

5% discount if you submit 5 or more entries

10% discount if you submit 10 or more entries

15% discount if you submit 15 or more entries


Q: How do I pay for the entries?

A: You can submit credit card payment through the online entry form. Send checks, with an entry form or confirmation, payable to The Association for Women in Communications, to:


            Association for Women in Communications

            1717 E. Republic Rd., Ste. A

            Springfield, MO 65804

Q: When will the winners be notified?

A: Winners and non-winners will be notified in July 2018.


Q: Can I submit the same entry into more than one category?

A: Yes. Sometimes a communications piece falls under the criteria of more than one of our 100+ categories. However, you must submit an entry form, physical entry, and payment, with each category submission.


Q: How many entries can I submit into one category?

A: As many as you like! But remember you will be competing against yourself. There is only one winner for each category, unless the judges conclude there is no winner for that category. 


Q: What needs to be included with my entry?

A: In order to qualify, you must submit the following:

  • Entry form
  • Payment
  • Uploads of materials
  • Supporting documentation and synopsis
    • Rationale/purpose
    • Goals
    • Budget/costs (all budget information will remain confidential by AWC judges)
    • Timeline
    • Audience
    • Applicable research
    • Evaluation with measureable results


Q: Why do you need to know the goals, budget and results?

A: This information gives the judges more background into the overall objective of the piece. If two entries are close in points, the achievement of objective could be the deciding factor for the winner. Plus, if the entry does not contain the required supporting documentation, it will lose 10 points on the scoring sheet.


Q: I’m not sure which category my piece would be best suited for. Can you help me figure out the best category for my piece?

A: We are happy to help. E-mail, or call 417-886-8606 we can do our best to make suggestions for your entry. Don’t worry, if you enter into the wrong category, it will not be disqualified. AWC reserves the right to move entries between categories.



Q: On the sample entry a line says “Clarion Entry #”. What is my Clarion Entry Number? Where do I get it?

A: A Clarion Entry Number is assigned to every entry once it has been submitted online and is how the entry is identified throughout the judging process.



Q: My entry is in Spanish, does it qualify?

A: Please provide an English translation. Though all of our judges are outstanding professional communicators, we cannot guarantee they speak any language other than English fluently.

Q: My entry submission requires me to upload a file that is larger than the file upload section allows. How do I submit it?

A: If the file you wish to upload exceeds the size allowed, please host your file on a third party website and link it to your entry using the URL provided by the third party site. We recommend (but make no guarantee for) the following third party sites:

Q : How do I delete an entry?

A : It is possible to delete an entry at any time before entering a payment or submitting the entry. In the entrant site, click on the 'View Entries' menu. All of your entries in the competition are displayed here. On the far right, the system displays a red 'X' for each entry. If you click it, the system will delete the entry.

Remember: An entry cannot be deleted if the entry has a payment associated with it or if it has already been submitted.

Q : Why does my entry indicate it is incomplete?

A: If you have not completed and submitted the entry, it will display an incomplete status. If you click on the red 'incomplete' link, the system will display a checklist for the entry. The checklist tells you which elements are missing. If the only element missing is the act of submitting the entry, you can and should click the 'submit' button. Once the entry is successfully submitted to judging, the entry list will display a status of 'complete'.

Q: Help! What do I do?

A: Call the AWC National Office, Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm CST at (417) 886-8606 or e-mail