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AWC TImeline: 2000s
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As AWC headed into the new millennium, the organization continued to hone its online presence, depending more and more on the online membership directory and database, publications and chapter leadership pages and guides. It added an online chapter reports tool and searched for novel ways to address members’ severe time constraints in an increasingly fast-paced environment.

Pictured right: Helen Thomas with delegates from AWC.

In late 2004, AWC’s educational affiliate Matrix Foundation, began offering a unique certification program for professional communicators with a discount to AWC members.

AWC changed administrators in 2005, moving the headquarters from Severna Park, Maryland, to Alexandra, Virginia.

Since the early days of print journalism, The Association for Women in Communications has evolved to become the overarching association to unite communicators across a vast spectrum of disciplines—from print and broadcast journalism, to graphic design, photography, public relations, advertising, marketing, new media and much more.

As it evolves to meet the increasing demands of the 21st century and celebrate its centennial in 2009, AWC continues to look at opportunities for the professional development of its members and ways to enable ever stronger connections between members across the nation. The mission and goals of the organization continue to hold true and unite the members in the increasingly diverse fields of communication.