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The 1990s: Embracing the Future
WICI leaders instituted the Rising Star Award in 1990 for outstanding student members. Laura Glad, of California State University at Fullerton, was the first recipient.

WICI delegates voiced support for the Civil Rights Act, which President Bush signed in 1991, and the Family and Medical Leave Act, which President Clinton signed in 1993. The end of the year saw a new partnership emerge between WICI and Capital Cities/ABC Inc. on its "Stop Sexual Harassment" campaign.

Between 1993 and 1995, the association saw heightened fiscal accountability and achieved increased financial stability under the leadership of Executive Director Gale Ellsworth. The service office was relocated from Arlington, Va. to Fairfax, Va. The organization began a serious self-examination effort coordinated by former national president Christy Bulkely. The "Fundamentals for the Future" task force made the recommendation the organization be restructured for more effective operations.

A New Name and Structure for a New Century

At the annual conference in the fall of 1996, held in Portland, Oregon, the delegates voted to dissolve Women in Communications, Inc. and replace it with The Association for Women in Communications, or AWC. They envisioned a new organization true to its heritage and founding principles. The new structure had an 11-member board with broad geographic and chapter size coverage. From 1996-2005, AWC was managed by Patricia H. Troy CAE, Next Wave Group, LLC.

Currently, ASCENT Management, LLC, led by Pamela N. Valenzuela, CAE, and her staff serve as the AWC management team, along with the Board of Directors.

Since the early days of print journalism, The Association for Women in Communications has evolved to become the overarching association to unite communicators across a vast spectrum of disciplines--from print and broadcast journalism, to graphic design, photography, public relations, advertising, marketing, new media and much more.

In 1999, AWC was once again at the forefront of organizations as it moved more of its communications online: membership directory, electronic magazines, chapter leader guides, conference and membership registration, and more.

As it evolves to meet the increasing demands of the 21st century and celebrate its centennial in 2009, AWC continues to look at opportunities for the professional development of its members and ways to enable ever stronger connections between members across the nation. The mission and goals of the organization continue to hold true and unite the 4,000-plus members in the increasingly diverse fields of communication.

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The '90s: Looking Ahead
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